Top 5 Best Pool Cleaning Services in Las Vegas to Hire in 2022

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pool cleaning services las vegas
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Upkeeping your pool is tedious as mold and mildew start to develop in your pool. Moreover, there are many other pool problems that you need to address.

But with the right pool cleaning services, you can do this laborious job easily. Are you looking for the best pool cleaning services in Las Vegas to hire?

Don’t worry; we have compiled a list of the five best pool cleaning service companies in Las Vegas.

Look into our list of the top 5 best pool cleaning services in Las Vegas if you’re unsure which company to contact.

Top Best Pool Cleaning Services in Las Vegas to Hire in 2022

1. Best Rated: Clean Living Pool & Spa
2. Runner Up: Hammerhead Pool Service and Maintenance
3. Best for Regular Pool Cleaning: Poolman
4. Best Cheap: Corwin Pool Service
5. Best for Complete Pool Cleaning: Splash Pool Service

1. Clean Living Pool & Spa (Best Rated)

Clean Living Pool & Spa

Clean Living Pool and Spa has provided all pool cleaning and maintenance services in ALs Vegas for the past 35 years. More than 1000 satisfied customers and complete pool cleaning services make them the best in Las Vegas.

Moreover, they are mindful of all the best pool cleaning services as their professionals are trained and certified to clean the pools. In addition, they go a step further to maintain your pool hygiene by paying weekly visits to clean the pool thoroughly.


  • They offer weekly pool cleaning maintenance services.
  • As a certified contractor, Clean Living Pool and Spa can fix your pool’s hardware in addition to weekly cleanings and regular maintenance tasks, including acid washings and tile cleanings.
  • They clean the walls and steps of pools every week, check the chemicals, and make the necessary adjustments. In fact, they thoroughly clean the pool every week.
  • The company’s Contractors are NSPF Certified, Licensed by the state of Nevada’s Contractor Board, Insured, and Bonded.
  • They are Native of Las Vegas and are well aware of the common water issues and know how to overcome them.


  • They do not offer yearly cleaning contracts

Customer Support:
Clean Living Pool & Spa is a reliable business that puts its customer’s pool cleaning issues before everything. Moreover, they offer weekly cleaning and maintenance services for your pools.
You can trust them for all your pool cleaning services as they have many satisfied customers. Moreover, they also help you in the DIY cleaning pool by consulting services.

Service Areas:
Northern Summerlin, the North West of Las Vegas, and Aliante

If you want to learn more about Clean Living Pool and Spa, we suggest contacting them at (702) 539-3927 or reaching them through their form page.

Overall Best Pool Cleaning Company to Hire

There are a few necessary features for the best pool cleaning company. Clean Living Pool and Spa is best among others on our list for good reasons.

First, they have vast experience in the best pool cleaning practices. They ensure customer satisfaction to the best as they regularly maintain and clean your pool.

Moreover, they are adequately trained and certified to perform pool cleanings. They take care of everything from the acid wash to tile cleaning and hardware maintenance.

You can reach out to Clean Living Pool and Spa on their website or call them at (702) 539-3927 to learn more about their pool cleaning services. In addition, you can also ask them for a DIY cleaning pool or book their services online.

Besides, the other pool cleaning companies we listed here are also reliable for all your pool cleaning services in Las Vegas.

2. Hammerhead Pool Service and Maintenance (Runner Up)

pool cleaning services las vegas

Hammerhead Pool Service and Maintenance is the runner-up on our list of the top pool cleaning services in Las Vegas. It is a family-run business that go above and beyond to satisfy its customers.

Moreover, they come up with different cleaning plans so that you can choose one that suits you. They always make sure to arrive at the scheduled time and provide the best services possible.

In addition, they are mindful of all the pool cleaning and maintenance services from saltwater pools to chemical adjustments to the water. If you hire them will leave your property sparkling clean when they leave.


  • Their experts are licensed, insured, and bonded so you can hire them with peace of mind.
  • They inform you before making any chemical adjustments to the water.
  • They offer services that fit your schedule. You can either go for their weekly premium plan or choose the one that fits your needs.
  • To accommodate your lifestyle, they can even design a particular timetable for pool cleaning!
  • They perform through cleaning of the pool every week.


  • Their services spectrum is not very broad.

Customer Support:
The Hammerhead Pool Service consider their clients’ most valuable asset, and as a result, they take great satisfaction in leading the way in the sector.

They promise to arrive on time, leave your pool immaculately clean, and discuss any problems or challenges you may be experiencing.

Service Areas:
In 22 states across the country, this service and a full selection of pool cleaning service packages are offered.

If you want to make a splash with Hammerhead Pool Service, we advise contacting them at Tel (702) 556-4880.

3. Poolman (Best for Regular Pool Cleaning)

pool cleaning services las vegas

Another excellent pool services provider in Las Vegas is Poolman. They received the 2010 Operations of the Year award from American Pool Enterprises, Inc. in 2011.

Their 57 years of experience proved to be seasoned field professionals. They have an A+ rating with the BBB and focus primarily on servicing and maintaining swimming pools.

With the introduction of gas chlorine and the highly acclaimed Salt Generator System program, it is a pioneer in the home and commercial pool maintenance industry.

They take great pride in providing excellent customer service. In addition, they provide remodeling and repair services for backyard pools that require a revamp in contrast to pool cleaning and maintenance.


  • The technicians at Poolman are equipped with the skills and tools necessary to complete the task.
  • In addition, a large number of technicians hold certifications for pool operations.
  • They are familiar with all the laws and policies in your service region.
  • They also offer cutting-edge items for safety, chemical solutions, and energy efficiency.


  • Available in a few states

Customer Support:
They are a company you can rely on with over 300 local commercial accounts. They can handle your building’s requirements, whether you require comprehensive pool management, upkeep, repair, or remodeling services.

Every account with Poolman gets a dedicated Customer Success Manager, who is a single contact point for all your inquiries.

Service Areas:
They serve in Arizona, California, Nevada, and Texas.

You might be interested in their pool services, so if you want to know more about them, contact them at 702-263-0021 and get a free quote.

4. Corwin Pool Service (Best Cheap)

pool cleaning services las vegas

In Las Vegas, Corwin Pool Service is your next go-to source for pool maintenance. The business has been in the market for more than eighteen years and has assisted numerous families using their pools all year.

You may rely on the company’s skilled service, which it offers. You may be confident that CPS is taking good care of you because their service technicians are polite, trustworthy, and reasonably priced.

Superior customer experience, quality, and service are all priorities for them. Installation of saltwater systems, skimming, salt cell cleaning, filter cleaning, and replacement, and pump basket cleaning and replacement are all services offered by Corwin.


  • They do pool maintenance as well as parts repairs.
  • They are super reasonable as their weekly pool service starts at $25.
  • They serve Las Vegas for all pool cleaning, and maintenance needs all week around without any holiday.
  • They offer free pool services estimates as well.


  • They leverage the third party for pool repairs.

Customer Support:
They have offered efficient, timely, and expert pool services since 2000. They provide worry-free services for all your pool maintenance that can extend your pool life.

Service Areas:
Summerlin to the Northwest, through Green Valley, and back, is their service area.

It is best to contact them at (702) 460-2406 and ask them for free estimates.

5. Splash Pool Service (Best for Complete Pool Cleaning)

splash pool services

Since 1978, a family-run enterprise in Las Vegas, Splash Pool Service has provided all pool cleaning and maintenance services. The technicians are skilled and professional groups.

They cover everything from the chemical, standard filter, and basket cleaning in their premium and most well-liked service. Additionally, the business offers service professionals to check and adjust the pH levels in your pool water every two weeks.

Additionally provided are free estimates and free chemical dispensing floaters.


  • They care for every pool problem, from installing a filtration system to maintaining pH levels.
  • They are among the top 50 best pool cleaning services in Las Vegas.
  • All the experts at splash pool cleaning are experienced, background checked, and Insured.
  • They offer free appointments for your pool visit and inspections.


  • They do not offer commercial pool services

Customer Support:
The business gives free pool cleaning estimates by experienced and knowledgeable technicians. Moreover, they also tell you what works best for your pool.

Service Areas:
Las Vegas, Henderson, Summerlin, Boulder City, Anthem, Piccolo Ranch, Silverado Ranch, Centennial Hills, Green Valley, The Lakes, Sun City, Southern Highlands, North Las Vegas, Lone Mountain, Mountains Edge, Sunrise Mountain, Red Rock Country Club, Aliante, The Lakes, Painted Desert, Desert Shores, Los Prados, and MacDonald Ranch.

You can connect to them for a free estimate at 702-644-2213 if you want to get splash pool services.

Benefits of Pool Cleaning Services in Las Vegas

A clean pool and avoiding pool issues are two advantages of pool servicing. They also increase the pool’s lifespan. Routine servicing will keep your swimming pool looking fantastic.

Here are some advantages of maintaining a pool:

A Tidy Pool:
Pool cleaning services can clear out any dirt and clean your pool. People can relax in your pool without being concerned about getting dirty.

It is feasible to avoid paying for pool maintenance. Additionally, routine pool cleaning might help you save time.

Pool cleaning services provide the tools and materials required to clean your pool rapidly. Pool maintenance companies will analyze your pool to ensure the pH is appropriate.

This is crucial for keeping the pool clean and avoiding any issues.

Pool issues can be avoided:
Proper pool maintenance can prevent minor issues from developing into bigger ones. Over time, you’ll save time and cash by doing this.

Equipment damage caused by improper maintenance can be costly to repair or replace. Pool pumps may require more effort and energy if the pool filters are unclean.

It’s common for chlorine and other chemicals to pollute swimming pools. The equipment and pool surface may rust if they are not correctly balanced.

By keeping your pool maintained regularly, you can avoid these issues.

Keep your pool in excellent condition:
With routine upkeep, your pool will look appealing and pristine. Comparable to saltwater pools, pool service firms also provide service washing. Doing this can keep the pool’s surface clean and stain-free.

You will eventually save money:
Pool service is a costly expenditure but one that will ultimately save you money. Maintaining your pool clean can prevent spending money on expensive fixes.

No resources needed:
If you employ a regular cleaner, you won’t have to worry about keeping your supplies stocked. That the expert you engage will have their own materials is fantastic.

If you need to do a rapid repair, you can always keep a tiny bottle of tile cleaner on hand, but it will require you longer until you run out of materials. One approach to reducing costs is by doing this.

Expert cleanup:
You are purchasing a service where a person visits your house and completes a task. You rush to finish cleaning your home because you view it as work and a nuisance.

A professional won’t hurriedly finish a job they were hired to undertake.

Pool Services FAQs

Why should you Hire Professional Pool Cleaners?

Professional pool cleaners can easily tackle complex pool issues. Moreover, they also check the pH levels of the pool water and make sure that your pool stays in top condition.

In addition, they check the hardware and pool equipment, brush the poolside, clean the baskets and skimmer and check water chemistry.

How to Find the Top Best Plumbing Company in Las Vegas?

There are numerous pool cleaning companies to choose from when browsing for pool services. It becomes challenging to select the good from the bad ones.

Here are some aspects to consider while picking the top pool cleaning company.

Different companies offer different price brackets for pool cleaning. You should ask for estimates from other companies and weed out the best for your home.

Check their credentials and experience:
Before hiring a cleaner to clean your pool, ask how long they have been in operation. Longer-running businesses are less likely to be con artists. Because whenever they have a negative reputation, shady companies frequently close their doors and reemerge under different names.

Services They Provide:
The expectations you have when hiring a pool cleaner are crucial. Every pool cleaner has a different level of service.

Check out if they are open to what you are seeking. In addition, you should also check the frequency of their visits for your pool maintenance.

Experienced pool cleaners must be insured to utilize the equipment on your property. Are your staff authorized to use the equipment? Check out before hiring them.

Read the Reviews
Make sure you’ve researched the credentials and experience of any pool cleaners after you’ve narrowed your search. You can use this review to help you decide what to do.

You may research online to find out what people think about the professionals on your list. Any experts who have received poor reviews ought to be dismissed.

How Frequently Should You Clean Your Pool?

Large debris in the water or in the skimmers of your pool should be taken out every day. Several elements determine how frequently you should get your pool professionally cleaned.

Pool vacuuming should typically be done once weekly, although more comprehensive cleanings should be done every other week.

If trees close to your pool are dropping pollen, seeds, or leaves in the spring and fall, daily vacuuming may be required. Your pool’s usage frequency is another aspect.

Even unrelated factors, like neighboring building activities, can impact a pool’s cleaning needs. A thorough plan must be made before hiring a reputable pool service to clean and maintain your pool.

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