Top 5 Best Plumbers in Las Vegas to Hire in 2022

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Posted Champ Biala August 6, 2022
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Maintaining your plumbing system in excellent running condition is one of your many duties as a property owner. If you have a proper plumbing system, it will help to eliminate waste and supply clean water to residential and business buildings.

Additionally, a completely running plumbing system provides access to clean water for hygiene, health, and wellbeing reasons. Is your plumbing system having problems in Las Vegas? Do not hesitate to consult professionals.

Look into our list of the top 5 best Las Vegas Plumbers if you’re unsure which company to contact.

Top Best Plumbers in Las Vegas to Hire in 2022

  1. Best Rated: Dignity Plumbing
  2. Runner Up: Hawthorne Plumbing
  3. Best for General Plumbing: Precision Plumbing
  4. Best for Residential and Commercial Plumbing: Larkin Plumbing
  5. Best for Complete Plumbing: DMS Plumbing

1. Dignity Plumbing (Best Rated)

Dignity Plumbing

Dignity plumbing has successfully provided all the plumbing solutions in Las Vegas for the past twenty years. They take care of everything from answering the emergency call to offering reasonable prices.

Moreover, this family-run business use state-of-the-art technologies to provide ultimate Hydro-Jetting for cleaning pipes, removing odors, and clearing unreachable clogs. Besides being efficient, hydro-jetting is also an environment-friendly way.


  • Dignity plumbing offers 24/7 services for any type of plumbing needs.
  • They cover most Nevada areas and offer plumbing services in Las Vegas and the surrounding communities.
  • Dignity plumbing for customers offers warranties and customer satisfaction for all their jobs.
  • They take care of customers’ concerns and come back to fix any plumbing issue without cost.
  • The professionals at Digintiy plumbing are mindful of environment-friendly procedures to fix plumbing needs.


  • They do not cover most of the Nevada area

Customer Support:
Dignity plumbing is a reliable business that puts its customer’s plumbing problems before everything. Moreover, they offer a yearly subscription plan that discounts on all plumbing services for the year.

You can trust them for all your plumbing needs as they have many satisfied customers. They offer free-of-cost services if you are not happy with their work.

Service Areas:
Summerlin, Henderson, North Las Vegas, Las Vegas, and Clark County.

If you want to learn more about Dignity Plumbing services, we suggest contacting them at (702) 840-8910 or reaching them through the form page.

Overall Best Plumbing Company to Hire in 2022

There are some important features to think through when hiring a plumbing services company. Dignity Plumbing is superior to other companies on our list for several reasons.

First, they have a broad knowledge of best plumbing practices. They use modern water jetting technology to clear clogs, remove odors, and clean pipes and drains.

And most importantly, they respect their customer’s satisfaction and offer free-of-cost services if you are unhappy with their work.

You can reach out to Dignity Plumbing on their website or call them at (702) 840-8910 to learn more about their services. In addition, you can also book their services online or ask for customized services.

Besides, the other companies we listed here are also experienced and dependable for all your plumbing services in Las Vegas.

2. Hawthorne Plumbing (Runner Up)

las vegas plumbers

Hawthorne Plumbing, Heating & Cooling company is a family-owned and operated company that is mindful of Las Vegas’s plumbing needs. The company’s staff is on call around the clock and ready to handle all your plumbing, heating, and air conditioning needs.

By offering same-day solutions that are promised to address any problem, they demonstrate their sincere concern for each consumer. Hawthorne Plumbing, Heating & Cooling offers skilled assistance with all types of service, including repairs, new installations, and routine maintenance.


  • They offer same-day service to every customer for instant plumbing repairs. Moreover, they are also available 24/7 for emergency service.
  • Not only do they watch out for plumbing needs, but they also leave your property cleaner than before.
  • They use only environmentally friendly and energy-efficient services.
  • They cover both residential and commercial properties in Las Vegas.


  • They have limited same-day service options

Customer Support:
They provide free replacement quotes at your home. For you to check on your dear ones no matter where you are, they also offer a FREE 3rd party senior check program.

Service Areas:
Southern Highland, North Nevada, Las Vegas, Henderson, North Las Vegas, the Lakes, Summerland, and surrounding communities.

If you want more details about hawthorn plumbing, we advise contacting them at (844) 236-0190 or filling in their form to get a free quote.

3. Precision Plumbing (Best for General Plumbing)

las vegas plumbers

In the Las Vegas Valley and neighboring areas, Precision Plumbing offers comprehensive plumbing and HVAC services. High-caliber, background-checked technicians show up on time.

Moreover, you receive 25% off any service if their crew is late because they are confident in their availability and quick response times. They offer installation of the Flo by Moen water leak detection device and a yearly Home Protection Plan.

They leverage modern tech to overcome all plumbing issues. In addition, they also provide free estimates and upfront pricing.


  • They are a family-operated business with one of the largest service taskforces in the city, providing non-stop service.
  • Precision plumbing is accessible 24 hours a day and seven days a week to all parts of the Las Vegas Valley.
  • They use all modern technologies such as electronic leak detection, hydro-jetting, and video inspections.
  • The experts are fully licensed and insured and stand behind all the services.


  • Some people complain of poor customer services

Customer Support:
With their Home Protection Plan (HPP), you can take advantage of reduced prices, free services, and the assurance that the top plumbing business in Las Vegas is looking out for your plumbing system.

This HPP offers a free annual standard water heater cleanse, a yearly plumbing examination of the entire house, and prioritized service, which puts you ahead of the order in an emergency.

Service Areas:
They provide plumbing services in all of Las Vegas.

You might be interested in their plumbing services, so if you want to know more about them, contact them at 702-253-6363 and get a free quote.

4. Larkin Plumbing (Best for Residential and Commercial Plumbing)

Larkin Plumbing

Since 1936, Larkin Plumbing has earned a reputation as one of the most reliable plumbers in Las Vegas. Demonstrating its commitment to and proficiency in offering first-rate residential and commercial plumbing services garnered customers’ respect.

Their staff completes the work in the best and quickest way possible while being punctual, polite, and kind at all times. Larkin Plumbing also doesn’t charge more for work performed on the weekends, holidays, or at odd hours, so hiring them whenever you need them won’t cost you too much.

The business specializes in installing and maintaining kitchen appliances, sinks, toilets, and other plumbing fixtures. Larkin Plumbing offers a variety of plumbing supplies in addition to their plumbing services for those who would instead perform their own repairs.

They offer 24/7 emergency services and are available six days a week to help households and business owners. You only need to call them!


  • Larkin Plumbing has been in the business for over 75 years, serving Las Vegas.
    You can get 24 Hour Emergency plumbing service all around the week.
  • Their technicians are clean, certified, bonded, and insured. Every one of Larkin Plumbing’s clients and customers anticipates and receives prompt, kind, and expert guidance and service from the most outstanding professionals in the Las Vegas region.
  • At Larkin Plumbing, they use cutting-edge video equipment to precisely locate the nature and location of your plumbing, leak protection, or drain clogging issue.


  • They offer emergency services six days a week

Customer Support:
They have offered efficient, timely, and expert emergency plumbing services for over 75 years.

For any urgent plumbing needs, available around-the-clock, seven days a week. You can contact them. Their staff will send a plumbing service and repair professional to your residence or place of business right away.

Service Areas:
Las Vegas, Clark County, and surrounding areas.

It is best to contact them at (702) 605-2136 or fill out the form if you want to avail their services.

5. DMS Plumbing (Best for Complete Plumbing)

DMS Plumbing

DMS plumbing is a one-stop destination for all plumbing needs in Las Vegas and Henderson’s surrounding communities. Their Licensed professionals with experience in commercial and residential plumbing work for the family-run business.

They also own service cars that are fully equipped with every tool necessary for any work or project. Moreover, their 24/7 emergency plumbing services cover everything from drain cleaning, water softener installation, sewer, toilet repair, and drain cleaning.


  • They care for every plumbing problem, from installing a filtration system to detecting leaks.
  • They offer customers free estimates that entail a great price and excellent service for your property plumbing needs.
  • The experts at DMS plumbing are licensed, Bonded, and Insured.
  • These vehicles arrive with all kit and caboodle for any plumbing need, saving you from wasting unnecessary time.

They serve in a limited area

Customer Support:
The business gives free estimates by licensed, bonded, and insured technicians and has an A+ rating with the BBB. On its website, it also publishes discounts and promotional deals.

Service Areas:
Henderson and Las Vegas, Nevada.

You can connect to them for a free estimate at +1 (702) 353-7335 if you want to get DMS plumbing services.

Common Plumbing Problems in Las Vegas

Las Vegas, Nevada, is one of the driest cities in the world, and it rarely rains there. Specifically, fewer than five inches annually.

Plumbing problems like sewage odors and pipeline cracks are expected in a warm, dry climate like las vegas.

Here are some of Las Vegas’s most typical plumbing problems:

Clogged and Leaking Pipes
Anything can fall down the drain and wind up in the pipes, preventing your sinks, toilets, and showers from dispensing and draining water. This includes dirt, grime, trash, lipstick, and brushes.

The most typical clogs are brought on by everyday items such as mineral accumulation from hard water, hair, and grease. A further frequent reason Las Vegas residents call plumbers is for leaking pipes.

Pipes leak if they age or corrode, become worn out from age alone, or have defective joints and sealing. The joints are where pipes typically fail if they are rusted and can deteriorate and burst anywhere.

The location and intricacy of the leak significantly impact the expense and extent of the issue.

Dripping Faucets
A dripping faucet is not only very irritating but also very pricey. While a slow drip might not seem like a lot of water, it accumulates over time. In addition to costing you dollars while it’s being fixed, the longer you wait, the pricier it may be to repair.

Most people are surprised to learn how much trouble a leaky faucet can make to their water bill.

Running and Overflowing Toilets
Similar to a faucet dripping, a running toilet can quickly become annoying. Your energy costs might significantly increase if your bathroom is always running, and you must keep jiggling the trigger to stop it.

Your toilet may be running continuously for a few different reasons. The majority entail issues with small parts.

After some time, the fill tube could become loosened, the flapper opening might fit incorrectly, or the water level indicator float could become unstable. Other times, it can be something worse, like a broken part.

No matter what led the toilet to overflow, the first thing to do is always turn off the water supply at the toilet’s bottom to stop the issue from worsening.

Sump Pump Failure
The fault of the sump pump is yet another plumbing concern in Las Vegas. Flooding is a significant plumbing problem resulting from the drain pipe failing.

Debris obstructing the rotor is one of the most frequent causes of sump pumps failing. The experts need to repair the system if debris has clogged the rotor.

Backed-Up Sewers
In contrast to backed-up sewage systems, which can be challenging to resolve, clogged toilets can often be fixed easily. An examination must be conducted to decide if the pipes need to be changed or if a patch will do.

Shut down the valve and get in touch with plumbers if the main sewer is clogged. The experts will provide solutions of industrial caliber and exceptional repair in addition to environmental cleaning.

Broken Water Pipes
Even a tiny pipe leak might result in enormous destruction. Just picture the harm a large pipe burst would cause. The main valve should be turned off to stop flooding when a pipeline of any diameter bursts.

Low Water Pressure
The kitchen or bathroom sink is typically where you first notice low water pressure. Check the hot and the cold taps to determine whether they are impacted first.

If so, there may be a problematic aerator. Minerals from the reportedly hard water in Las Vegas accumulate and reduce water pressure. Luckily, it can be fixed quickly. Simply take it out, clean up the interior of any debris, and attach it back.

Plumbing Services FAQs

Why should you Hire Professional Plumbers?

Although some plumbing issues are minor, such as a loose gasket, some are severe, such as a broken sewer line. While you can address minor problems yourself, you will need professional’s services for the grave plumbing issues.

The plumbing companies use the latest technology to detect and address plumbing issues. Technologies such as real-time video detection, hydro-jetting, etc., help solve plumbing issues more quickly.

How to Find the Top Best Plumbing Company in Las Vegas?

There are numerous plumbing companies to choose from when browsing for plumbing services. It becomes challenging to weed out the good from the bad ones.

Here are some aspects to consider while picking the top plumbing company.

License and certification:
The license and certification prove the technicians’ skills to complete the work effectively. Moreover, this license also certifies that they use environmentally friendly practices to solve plumbing issues.

A native company possesses industry and regional knowledge that lets them fix problems efficiently.

Certain companies have more excellent prices than others. You must consider their standard and special service pricing to make a decision matching your budget.

Services Offered:
Not every type of service is handled by every company. Therefore, choosing the right solution to treat your plumbing issues is essential.

Are Plumbing Companies Worth the Investment?

Professional plumbing methods are typically quicker, more effective, and safer than do-it-yourself methods.

Plumbing businesses have in-depth knowledge of various plumbing issues and are skilled at identifying and solving them quickly and sparing further expensive damage.

How Much Does Plumbing Services Cost in Las Vegas?

For everyday work, a plumber in Las Vegas will charge anything from $111 to $807. Their hourly rates often vary from $35 to $160. These sums encompass solutions such as pipeline maintenance and repairs and faucet, shower, and sink fixes.

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